Climax Essays specializes in providing scientific and academic editing services. We offer different levels of editing services to address the broad academic writing and publishing needs of researchers, especially those with English as a second language. At Climax Essays, we employ a team of PhD qualified native English-speaking editors who combine subject area expertise with a deep understanding of publication requirements. Every paper submitted to us is matched to and reviewed by a highly specialized subject-area expert to ensure technical accuracy. In addition our editing services come with a range of editorial support options. Papers are reviewed by two expert editors to ensure consistency of quality. Our professional editors can help you with any or all of the following:

  • Technical Editing (Substantive Editing)
  • Language Editing (Copyediting)
  • Proofreading
  • Word Count Reduction
  • Plagiarism Check
  • Reference Check
  • Journal Formatting
  • Pre-Submission Peer-Review

We edit:

  • Research Paper (Full Research Article)
  • Review Paper (Review Article)
  • Research Proposal
  • Term Paper
  • Case Study
  • Essay
  • Book
  • Thesis
  • Dissertation
  • Lab Report

You may place your order by filling out Order Form or sending us an email to: climaxessays@gmail.com You can send additional files like sources and drafts through email.


Phone Number:


14622 Ventura Blvd
Suite 2197
Sherman Oaks, Ca 91403

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